Thursday, May 18, 2017

Bond... James Bond.

It's been a hell of a week, or shall we say weeks. Lots of changes in my life but now back to what I was good at. Sorry to have left you guys. I'll do my first blog either today or tomorrow.

And I'll bring back the TV series wherein I was fired before the show started.  I'm going for Monday, May 29. 

Also, more information on Virtual Pitch/Fest which has some interesting things you might like.

Watched Jeremiah Johnson last night on TCM, with Robert Redford. It as made in 1972 and still stands up greatly. Redford isn't the best actor but his face just shines like hell and you take it all up. 

I was sitting at Crave and reading a script of mine (which I rarely do but it was going to see a producer) and I noticed that a couple of GenX'ers talked about who was the best James Bond. 

For me, a boomer, it was obviously Sean Connery, the original James Bond for the movies. They liked the late Roger Moore. I decided that my Bond was the best because it was the first (excluding some British TV series) and theirs was more closer to Moore. Ultimately both are right I guess.

The others were okay, I always thought the recent Bond, Daniel Craig runs funny, and he also looks shorter than both Connery and Moore. And don't forget George Lazenby who lasted for only one movie. I felt sorry for him because he never really made it.

For my Gen, we were witness to the first feature length James Bond and that shot where Bond watches Ursula Andress rise from the Caribbean waters in that great Bikini and a knife on her waist.

We were sold.

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