Friday, May 5, 2017

A whole new thing

Sorry for taking so long, this week has been full of surprises.

First of all, the writer's strike didn't happen even up to early Tuesday morning and partially solved by the networks. Everyone is happy. Mostly.

But something else took a lot of my time on a different angle.

I have three screenplays being looked at for possible sales. As in $$ or was that $$$?

The first project is called Side By Side and is a dark story about bad people in the 1950's. It's got a lot of good comments and now hoping to connect with three parties in order to put it all together.

Of course it can fall apart at any time.

Secondly I discovered an interesting website that requires that you "pitch" your screenplay to a production company. This is sort of a parallel to those pitch fests where you pay $50 or so in order to have a person from a real production company who tells you your story isn't any good.

Okay, so I'm bitter. But I've always been a bad pitcher. The rule usually is that great pitchers often are bad writers and bad pitchers are good writers.

At least I think that. 

But this new deal gives you a pitch to the company of your choice.

It's sort of the same thing except that you email your pitch to that particular company.

What's the difference?

Well, you don't have to go to someplace in L.A. or anywhere where there are pitches being done. Sure, you get to see the real person you're pitching, but it all ends up the same way anyways.

For instance, I pitched 8 scripts in 3 weeks and 2 were selected to be read. I haven't received any more news for now but no news is good news.

Of course, I have around 30 screenplays on my "shelf" so I have a head start. But anyone can still try to find the right production company for their interest. The companies are real, some of them I've never heard of, but there are major studios and networks amongst them.

So what that means is that you could keep looking for that right company as there's around 200 or so companies. That can mean you can keep looking till you find one.

Of course you have to pay for each one. 

So give it a look. It's called Virtual Pitch Fest or something like that. 

So what are the other two screenplays?

Well, one of them is an international political thriller and the other is a Christmas movie. I'm going to pitch a sequel to my Ghostkeeper movie, Ghostkeeper 2 eh? I figure that I can keep pitching Ghostkeeper for the whole year.

I know most of you have maybe one script or more, but it's worth a shot. It could cost $15 or something like that but it's the easiest way to pitch.

And no, I'm not part of the company. I pay just like everybody else, although WGA writers get a bigger break, mostly because we do have stacks of screenplays that nobody wanted.

So here's what readers of Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Website:

Reviews: “this thing is quite good”, “reminded me a lot of Chinatown with it’s film noir slant and grotesque bizarre edge”, “this script is great, the story is great”, the concept is original and although it made me a little uncomfortable at the beginning, the human aspect of it won me over”, “the progress of the story became a very enjoyable experience”, “this story and the author’s screenwriting technique are excellent”, “the story captivated my imagination”.

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