Friday, June 14, 2019

Sorry for long time

I'm sorry to be off this week, a lot of things that took too much time.

First off, I went to see my 97-year old aunt Lena and traveled across the great Canada
flatlands and grain, beautiful to me, as I grew up there, in a small town. But this trip was a little problematic and caused some problem regarding that three of the guys who check
the baggage. 

Actually not a big deal but they were trying out something on the
sliding thing and asked me if I mind them trying to see if it works. I said sure, and
they pulled out my laptop but they had problems opening and closing. So they
thanked me and left.

But when I got to my aunt's I realized my laptop broke. So I called to whomever I call and
they said to call. I called but a lady answered and said that the guys didn't do
anything to my laptop.

So this turns into hell. This was a month ago and now they say that they have cameras
that said there were no customs/whatever's guys touched my laptop. She said you were
gone by then.

So, I still have a broken laptop screen. Nice...

And after that I have some other deals, had to do some work for the
French movie and this went on for three days in order for them to
figure out how the bank thing happens. Simply they would send my
money to my bank. Simple.

Well, no. They didn't know how to send money to another country like this;

You send it to USA or Canada. 

Both countries make it simple. But this took 3 days or so.

So I'm beat. Still have to do some more info with the French, but I think it's done.

I have no idea why my words above are in strange sentences.

See you Monday.

Monday, June 10, 2019

So whatya do now?

So my French movie is pushed back. But it's still working towards a potential fall shoot, or just some of the material for ahead. But what else can I do? Well I have a batch of scripts that I keep on deck.

So... have a look; maybe you can get an idea too?

10 - 1                        May 23, 2019

I have 40 scripts but these are the usual ones asked for.

Our 45th                                                                                                New Screenplay

It seems so strange to relive the free days of our life, I try to understand what it was like and the different life we lived – WAS a wonderful time. We are fortunate to have lived the life we did in that era.”  It all began when a daughter’s Facebook discovers her mother’s past and faces a whole new life from someone she never expected. It started with “Are you my mom’s ex.” A warm true story for boomers.

Emperor of Mars has had at least 9 options that never found funding and all were American. Nomadic had it for awhile. Biggest offer was for me directing with San Diego company but two arguments blew it..

Chase – Going to film in France in September with me as the only English speaking guy. It’s an action story where a man thinks a girl has been kidnapped. (already optioned)

The President’s Heart  Requires international funding. Woman President in Europe suddenly has a heart problem and an alcoholic doctor is the only one he can do it.

Secrets of the Salmon – A woman returns to her small town on the Pacific where she wants to engage a twenty-year old battle with her father. But her father now has very

little life left. (Currently reading).

Travel Day – A movie truck driver picks up an actor and a failing movie star to a long location and find a teenager escaping home. Idea from Destiny Ridge, a series I worked on.

Side by Side is a really different movie, it’s a combination of mob boss’s hitman who goes to Niagara Falls and finds an unusual love that can only end wrong. Everyone who has read it could hardly believe it. A story you’ll never believe with the people you see.

Goalie is a screenplay based on a true story about a Yukon hockey team that challenges

The Ottawa hockey team in 1910 or 11. I wrote it for my friend Phil Borsos but the financing didn’t happen. However I was paid for the screenplay.

Janet Smith – I wrote this true story which occurred in the 1924 where a young Scottish woman working for a rich family in Vancouver and was murdered. It’s based on the book Who Killed Janet Smith. The author and I are friends, Edward Starkins. It was never made because the producer never made it.

*Producer was Robert Frederick, not a nice guy. Knowing him I walked into his office and handed him the screenplay.  Later he said he didn’t get the screenplay – but all his staff who were on my side including Raymond Massey who was there working for him at that time. WGC fought and won.

So, I guess I have some stories yet. Just sent one out yesterday to a producer. Not sure though.

Tom, a  friend of mine once told me a great story. He was cameraman and director at a film festival when a young  film student approached and asked him how he could be just like Tom. Tom smiled and said it was easy. All the student had to do is to get a any job in TV or film and work thirty-five years.


And of course all these screenplays are registered with both WGA and WGC,

Off course I trust you..


Friday, June 7, 2019

Bon Jour

Sorry to have been away to the blog. I had a screenplay that two French people liked and finally optioned. However that option was a few years back, almost 8 years. So it went nowhere and I forgot about it.

But suddenly, the director and some other people now think they can finance it. So why not?

The film will probably be done early next year so I'm not worried. But getting me to France and to French with contracts are pretty crazy. I actually have to join the French version of WGA. Not a big deal but a lot of misspelling on their part.

So I'm almost finished the contract and almost finally finished.

It's the story is about a man who sees a young man grab a woman and throws her in a  truck. Basically a road story.

Will be back Monday.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Where's the Ghost

So, where is the damn Ghostkeeper.

It seems that my Ghostkeeper feature film has disappeared from the face of the earth. Well, actually in a Camarillo Mobile Home Park. At least I think is there. It is for sale.

Let's go back. Way back.

In 2016 my distributor gave me $4000 for the money I should get. Probably. You all know how rotten distribs are. They keep what they want. But Bill was always a good guy, always gave me the money I am supposed to have.

But he disappeared from Earth.

And I cannot find him anywhere. His brother needs a replacement part of his stomach and he's not in good shape either.

We go back to when Ghostkeeper was gone from the face of the world. But he found me when my other distributor ran away with money. Bill was always truthful.  Distributors, as I said are crooks. But Bill had disappeared. He

And I have no idea of where he was. I called film companies I knew if they knew but nothing.
I saw the word distributers. His distribution company was called Code Red.

All I know is that someone now lives in Camarillo Mobile Home Park. And he or whomever holds Ghostkeeper and I need to go down there and see who/he/she it is!!

So that's what I got.  Some guy who sells Ghostkeeper and I don't know who he/she/it is.
Yeah, I know, I gotta go back down and find the place just outside the valley, dude.

Anybody wanna try? I'll be happy...

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The long wait

Over the last three weeks I'm sitting on two projects, one is starting and one is going to either be bought or not. And now that I've said "not", it'll probably go away. But that's how it goes.

The first project is going to shoot in France with french actors and crew.  It's just beginning, I'm sending back my name, etc. and will go with the French version of WGA or WGC. The project is about a man in a city who sees a young man grab a young girl and throws her in the back of a van. It's called "The Chaser"

My guy let's it go, but then wants to know if the girl is in danger. So he decides to follow the van. And soon the van guy begins to realize someone is following him.

The film was to be shot outside of L.A. in the magnificent Mojave desert. But the French want to film it in France, somewhere similar to the Mojave. So that's what's gonna be.

The director had my script for around 6 years and it fell through. Then silence for a few years. And then about two months, he and someone else are ready to do Chaser. So here we go. I will get a reasonable fee as it's not being filmed in France, somewhere similar to the Mojave. I think. So it's not Paris. And I get to fly to wherever this area will be.

And now, the other screenplay is way different. It's about a woman who returns to her beginning and wants to confront her father but finds out he's very sick and can't do anything anymore. There's a secret in the family that she wants to end but it's almost impossible.

So there you go... this one is called "Secrets of the Salmon", a title I liked as I had the basic story of the woman returning home where she remembers her small fishing town where salmon run to the west coast and return. In their way, the woman is returning also. Very different than the Mojave.

And I'm opening to my newest screenplay very slowly, sent to four possibles to tell me what they think. It's called "My 45th"

Here's a little piece of it for you to read:

"It seems so strange to relive the free days of our life. I try to understand what it was like and the different life we lived -- WAS a wonderful time. We are fortunate to have lived the life we did in that era".

There are a lot of 60 - 65 yrs old boomers to find them. Hey, Michelle Pfeiffer is 60!"

And it's based on a true story.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Sorry for a down week

Last week was a mess, had to do with a friend's screenplay, going over her script (or screenplay) I never really know what the words are. I often go through this book above if I get stuck. 

One thing about it is that it gives you some ideas when ideas aren't coming through. Yes, there's all the big books and instructors but this one is clear. This can help you out on certain days, weeks or even losing your mind.

Way long time I didn't even know there were books like this and I learned writing stories that weren't very long. Then I found a screenplay on The Deerhunter on line and when I got it I was holding a real screenplay (or script) and I read it over two times just to make sure I got it right.

It was the screenplay, but something was wrong. In the movie, Robert De Niro was the hero and Christopher Walken was the guy who blasted his head. So what?

Well, in my Deerhunter script it was the opposite. Robert De Niro shot himself  and died.

So what?

Well, one thing was that screenplays can be done over before they actually shoot it. It was an interesting thing, I wondered why. Maybe De Niro didn't want to be the guy who dies.

So... you can change your story around if it looks better. 

Then there's another book I like, Steal This Plot. It's an easy read and gives me a lot of ideas. And don't think it's stealing, it's basically gives you the story in simple things to fix when you get lost somewhere.

These people really makes it simple, and no, I don't know them, but I like what they do. Just honest and intelligent. They use the motivation, things like Vengeance, Love and Hate,  The Chase (I used a lot in my screenplay called The Chase (not the same story) that is going to shoot in France this fall I hope. 

I think I told you about Chase, it will be in French but I know a little bit of the language from high school.

There are 15 ideas to play with, and really it's not stealing either, just some ideas to help you when you get stuck. And you do get stuck. We all get stuck.

Anyway, I do not know the three writers of these two books and I just like to have their books around.

Or you can read Shakespeare. He stole from the Romans. They stole from the Greeks.

It's a hot Sunday up here. Not my fault. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Doris Day and me....

I'm working over a friend's script and it's taking a lot of time. And rush, of course. Also have to do a short film for a friend.

Lots of friends who need help!!

So, I'll try to put in something by Saturday.

So why Doris Day?

She was the best singer and actress around (as they said). She had some great movies and made 'em with the biggest actors. I first saw a movie from her way back in 1960 and I fell for her forever. 

She passed away last week at 97, but always in my movie world.


 So, hope this can hold you as soon as I can...