Friday, January 1, 2021


If any you've read my story about the story about Steve Tene, "the King of the Gypsies" as in a book and movie and you've can find it and see in my blog in two times: One is a long piece I wrote and had some connection to Steve's passing and his brother Tene. 

I had read your wish for me to write a good story that I'll do for you. Trouble is I saw you name but your phone at 561-633-5404. So Tene email. I'm in Canada and live there now. But I tried the phone number you gave me. But some man said it was not his phone number. If it's different, please call or email.

Jim Makichuk

Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Well, yes I am here finally and back to finding stories that brought me into all the pieces of everything that brought me finally back for that almost one year damn that is getting in the way of stories and hopes. If course there will be new stories to play around with old stuff as new stuff that I found in boxes and dozens of ideas that I didn't consider. Maybe good and maybe better, or no good at all. Well, maybe.

I'm writing a new story that could be a new screenplay. It's about whom I've liked and loved. Remembering the women in my life, some lost, some found. It's a collection of these women whom I stayed with, found other and I still think of all. I hope to be honest and write what me and them will see in their own words in some places, or usually lost but not exactly near or far from me.

And I will be honest because some of them might have other methods. But none of them were angry nor I. These would consist from my first 11-year old from to know. I'm not trying to show off, rather I want to go back until I hope I  find them,  or at least and heard of them and remember I hope.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Okay Ones

Well, it's still nothing for the world and for all of us although some people I know are flying. A'aint flying for me, well I don't need to go anywhere right now. I'm working over a batch of screenplays that I have been hanging along that I sort of always wanted to rewrite them. So I figure I'd  work them over. I have about not bad scripts that I still have some stories that were looked over. I also have some okay scripts that could be better that could be better and sell to someone. My full box of unsold screenplays are about "Okay"ones. And that could give the good ones a little more "stuff" to it, as someone said to me once.

As for made movies, I have about 20 features and TV movies where I wrote them myself and co-wrote and rewrite from other writers. I always loved to rewrite someone else's scripts but I also saw some of them were all right for other reasons. So I'm going to rework some of the ones I did myself and others with rewrites other writers work. Of course I'll play a little more here or there. I don't know how exactly these things from here and there and also play with postings along the way.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Stories From The Dead

 Sorry again in building a lot of more stuff from 10 years of stories to do both the past and the present and the future, or at least enough of it to keep and maybe even into another chunk of stories and ideas and some stories pull out of the batch. 

Hey. what do you think, lots of stories and for those who haven't seen many of the stories that take you one heck of a bunch of people that are funny, weird, straight, no

Here's a story of me working in Canada on a TV show for Canada and how we work from how it starts, One just one main writer and then a guy from nowhere who has someone's rich dad and me, the only good working writer between those two working in Canada and was living in Sherman Oaks in California and now am going to on a TV from winter to June. How it works, the big writer who drank all day, the mystery writer has written some short stories.

Anyway, I'll tell you the story, the fights and the great Canadian Mountains and where those of you could read about two months or so. And a lot of people we made friends, lost them, almost got beat-up in a bar in town by an actual mountain man until a real-life movie star saved me and an actor from Germany and she managed to get us out.

I'll tell you where to find it in a day or two. Or you can find it amongst the others or I'll find it soon. When I find the place I'll post the posts for you. 

I'll post as soon as I find it. Most of the blog are single things but I have a few others. One of them is about how I was not paid for a movie I wrote and a friend of mine told me that it was going to be on tv.

How's that happened?

Monday, October 5, 2020

Still alive 2020, Oct.7.


Yes there is a place waiting for something to wait for, or at least it can arrive. This is not it as if it.  It's still having problems with several things along with all the stuff to move forward that is if there is one. The big bunt is that I have lost my old laptop to some of the dogs of life. And my new one, well actually,  and my guy isn't all there, had some bad  dizzy works that makes him unable to keep neither of us.

So where's the stories, Jim, well I'm figuring our some sort of thing came along wherein I met a new screenwriter who lives in Canada and has just finished writing a brilliant screenplay. She comes from Canada and managed to get into the DGC and me, in that she needs WGC's approval for her to have her screenplay read like me?

Well, I got DGC to send her screenplay to me. We talked a little bit of our lives and I decided that since I just sat her, I would take her script to read. DGC is a version of DGA being that DGC is Canadian. I sat down and read it and realized that this screenplay is a hell of a script, I couldn't believe it. I read it over a week and said she had something there.

I read it again. Yes! Brilliant. I was supposed to read her script over a period of 3 months but I had it down less than again. So I had this going for her and I think I don't have to use 3 months.

I wasn't sure if I had to rewrite a new screenplay, fix it, not sure or anything. I would have the other version or her new one, although the screenplay was fantastic.

How's that? I've had five screenplays like that, of which two took them but eventually had taken one. and nothing happen.

Mostly is that the world for us  are not exactly correct.  We and the rest are wondering if we ever make it. But I do have to wait to see the maybe the James Bond last movie... for us or some?


Friday, September 11, 2020

Where is Jim


Well, where is Jim?

For now, I'm slowly trying to get my stuff together as all of us have are having trouble. And one big "trouble" is the past. The past and the future and somewhere there in maybe we all will be able to find out what's going on for the past and the future.

So where I am, past, future, frozen and desperately trying to find out what is going to go on. There is one thing for some of you, that's the past and for most it's ten years of past with lots of reading by the beginning or no future or nothing at all. Bummer.

And I'm not sure I'll be able to get the future. But the past is still interesting and in fact, has what the past as already done.


And there is a future, at least I'm still alive, that old guy standing in the corner telling you how I and my partner copped a short Canadian film called Cooperage and we won over all the other Canadian short films that beat all of the others in the contest. But we also was in a bigger contest, the oscars. We didn't win but were in one in five.

1976 Canadian Film Awards and winning.

1976 Athens International Film Festival

1977 Sydney International Festival

1977 Yorkon International Film Festival

1976 Chicago International Film Festival

1976 Academy Awards 

1977 American Film Festival (New York)

So this is what we managed to do with our own money and lead us to both were able to write another few bunch short films... and each of use made our own movies, and we managed to keep going.

And yes, that short film, about making barrels for whiskey. It's called Cooperage.

So that's where it all started. Will try to find photo of Cooperage.

Monday, August 17, 2020


Sorry to be gone so long, not actually gone, just fixing up a lot of things within some new things to learn. I probably get it going next week. All this for all the damn stuff that's going on with our planet and other stuff to push things either in or out.