Thursday, May 18, 2017

Back again


Yes, I am not dead. Very sorry, it's been a bad week of sorts so I hope to catch up really quick. I'm attempting to get some of my screenplays (aka scripts/whatever) on my new friend/buddy, being Virtual Pitch Fest.

It's an interesting idea in a way. Basically it cuts out the agent who in the past, would represent writers. How does it work?

What I did is get the best 16 of scripts I haven't sold. I have around 38 scripts going back to the middle ages. Some go back to ScripThing which was a version of Screenwriter, my favorite software. This became Movie Magic Screenwriter.

I never liked Final Draft for a few reasons being that the company felt it was the only screenwriting software. It wasn't. I go back to 1983 where we had a rough version of Screenwriter, I don't even recall it's name. 

But it was the only one around. And to us, it was great. FD came along later and to me it's just a Microsoft clone. Not a true screenwriter software. I remember when I taught extension classes at UCLA, the FD guys would tell screenwriters that they are the "only real screenplay software". 

Which by then there was a handful of softwares.

When I told my students to get Screenwriter, the not very friendly screenwriters shop were told to tell anyone that FD is the professional. I told them to stop playing favorite and they don't like me.

Which of course, as you have heard, it's not the only screenwriting software. 

But back to Virtual Pitchfest.

So now, you can send your script onto a Hollywood company, there's even NBC on the site and others too. Real production companies.

I mentioned that you wouldn't really need an agent but it would still be usable. However if you're new, no decent agent would take you.

And that's where Virtual Pitchfest comes in. I had no sides, just you and your script.

I had a "hit" on my first try, a company liked my script and asked for one, which I emailed. But I haven't heard from them yet so it's a "wait and see" moment. 

So I have 16 scripts to sell but it's not as easy either. Maybe more of a shot at it, but it's the same old thing. Pitching.

So have a look at it, I'm not getting anything for it, but since I haven't made a sale yet, I'll wait and see.

But one thing that is certain; it's not like "the old times", in which an agent would send a writer to a producer who would look at what you've written IN PERSON. 

Yes, producers actually would meet you.

Now it's all thru web stuff and nobody meets anyone anymore. 

It's a lot harder for the perennials, I don't envy you at all.    

More Movies on Monday... 

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