Monday, October 31, 2016

Back again, again


Yes, I'm still alive and moving forward. Coffee is ready.

All is well, some good news on my script Chase, which was optioned by two French people in Paris, producer and director. I mentioned it around 4 years, maybe 3. 

Chase is about a man who thinks he sees someone kidnap a girl on a street in L.A. He begins to follow the "kidnapper" and realizes that his memory changes the story every time. So much that he isn't sure of what he saw.

The script was rewritten in French and was to be a French movie. I was fine with that, anyone who wants to make a film from any of my 38 spec scripts is okay.

But now, it looks like it might actually go, ironically it might be turned back into English. 

I'm still also trying to build an online screenwriting class based on my UCLA screenplay course way back in 2003. My book "The Working Writer's Script" which I mention often was what became of my classroom stories and lessons.

I'm also working on a new spec pilot which I think I mentioned before, a story set in the Mojave Desert, dealing with the people who manage to make out a living of any sort. I should have a 1-pager soon for you to read.

And my Christmas movie is gonna be on again on Hallmark although I've noticed it's on some other kind of broadcast or streaming, at least I think. Will give you dates next week.

Also gonna make a book out of this blog which, as most of you know, started in August 2009. 

So... here we go again "back to the future".

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Back in the USSR

Deciding on whether I do a online class on screenplay writing, based on my blog and of course, my UCLA classes. 

This time it's going to be new and fresh... and lots of real writers and producers and all that. More ttle bit of the Beatles to open this blog, I'm still alive and ready and with more to go. As they say on talk shows "I'm excited". Or something like it.

I still don't know how it's gonna work but it's going to be something different than just another blog, in fact, maybe a website itself. Eh?

With no reflections on what's going on now.  Politics too, as well as stuff I don't even know yet. Lots of pics and stories and more of the wild west of movie making.

But it's gonna be fun and truth and maybe even learning stuff.

No going back. No Uber rules.