Friday, May 12, 2017

Back again

Sorry about not getting back, I was trapped in trying to put three screenplays together. Sounds great but very volatile in terms of what's gonna happen.

Basically I have a shot at three screenplays of mine are being considered. Of course the Killer of Spec Scripts is lurking around.

I hate this thing.

For instance, one of the scripts would be probably with a director friend. However, that director might not be wanted by the money people who probably have their own director. If that happens, my buddy will be mad. 

Because I'm dropping him.

It's tough. Friendships have been dissolved with this stuff. I'm not going to tell the producers I won't sell the script unless "Harry" directs.

Different people would say it a different way.

I'm going to work over all of these items on the week-end and see if anything changes. 

I'm also going to talk more about Virtual Pitchfest. It's pretty interesting and has to do with two of the screenplays above.

Also, next week, I want to talk about actors and directors now and then. How good are they now as in 2017 and how good they were in 1969.

We'll go back to the "Days of Wine and Roses."

And more of my Rocky Mountain TV gig.

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