Friday, April 1, 2016

ALMOST DONE! j(^%&^T^((__% (curses!)

Finally, the book project is almost done. I pay off the person who did the pencil sketches, also known as illustrations, 13 of them for $50 meaning she gets $650 of that indiegogo money of $2000. Actually around $1849 with costs of indiegogo, credit cards and paypal.

Next is the format person, who's already done 2 of my other books, Emperor of Mars and  Working Writer's Screenplay.    His work is detailed and I have no idea how it comes out. I tried once and gave it up. This costs $400.

Finally there's the front and back cover which is actually pretty cool. It's got a photograph I took along Highway 50 in Nevada on one of my documentary gigs. Anyways that's $250.

So how much do I get, less than $500.

Was it worth it?

I suppose so, this way I don't have to use my own money to have it published. Would I do it again?

I don't think so because the majority of that $2000 came from my friends and family. And I don't think they'll be so warm to me for another thing like this. Once is enough.

Monday, I'm back at the movie thing. Looking for an agent who's hungry to sell.

They do exist.

So, off to Library of Congress wherein I start creating the book in terms of my rights and all that other stuff to make sure nobody can steal "How Not To Get Beat Up In A Small Town Bar."

Yeah, way too long. My short address is simply

So there you go.  Thanks for hanging, I can't wait till Monday and away from books and bookstuff.

And ignore that ---hole who looked at a few pages of my book and said it's crap. Welcome to the internet. 

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