Friday, April 8, 2016

What fresh hell can this be...

Not my quote, but I sure am feeling it.

Rather it's from Dorothy Parker who was a poet, short story writer and general great source of clips like the one above. She and a few other famous writers began The Algonquin Round Table which was a club for writers and journalists of her time period. She began joining it around 1918.

So what's that about to me?

It's been a hard week or two of "fresh hell" as you might see in my last few blogs. It all started with the indiegogo crowdfunding in which I asked for $2500 to publish my book. Well, I got $2000 which, actually was pretty good.

Then there was some disappointment to one of the artists, with respect to the cover page. After a while it went away - a little bit. I think. 

After all, it is my book.

Then I had a script go down and it looks like it might not get made - at least for now. But that happens.

Then a few days ago, it seemed like part of the creation of the book looked like it could be very expensive. More than what it was supposed to be. This is still uncertain.

But one of the issues went by easily, with a close friend who did the front and back cover which I think I posted a few days back.

There's also some more issues on Ghostkeeper 2, which lags along. And I still don't have a good agent who wants to sell my work. There are agents, but I want a good one. And not one of the big agencies because they don't want me anyways.

They don't want anyone except someone who's just finished a superhero book.

So I am looking for a nice week-end where nobody wants or doesn't want to know or talk to me. But I'm unsure about the formatting.

Did I mention I have to finish my taxes?


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