Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The horror of publishing

I am way behind this blog due to a lot of work being done out of my reach.  It's making me crazy.

First of all, I got $2000 for publishing. I wanted $2500 but I can do that much. That part is good.

But then the woman who did the illustrations got upset because I changed my mind from putting that bully on the front cover, (a few blogs back) because I wanted a different cover that, excuse me, related to me.

But I'm doing what I want. 

But then there were some problems regarding photographs (not illustrations), a matter of pixels, as they say.

Then I had to go through my 177 pages to make sure they're clean.  As in typos, etc. Ever read a book 5 times to catch the errors?

So I finally got that done.

And now I have to ship photos and illustrations to some of the donors. So I have to go to the post office and finish that.

And I want a few more changes on the cover, but mostly simple.

So I hope you guys don't leave too fast. It'll all be good by the end of the week. And the book should be out in a couple of weeks.


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