Monday, April 4, 2016

From books to Captain America

The last things to do on the book are hopefully easy. Nothing is easy in this publishing thing so I'm not going to be satisfied until Amazon's Createspace unit looks us over to see if everything is good.

And since last time, we had to re-do the Screenwriter book 5 or 6 times, and ended up costing me $1000. That book was a little complicated because I wanted to use full page screenplay pages and that was the problem.

The problem being margins. And since I wanted the full pages on the screenplay, it was very delicate.

But this book wouldn't have margin problems (I'm hoping) as the inserts are reduced to a part of the page and thus shouldn't have any margin problems.

I hope.

But back to the movie world.

For those of you who have netflix, I discovered two really good movies, ironically similar in titles, Before We Go and Before I Disappear. Both worth watching.

Before We Go has Chris Evens in a very different movie than the blockbuster Captain America. This story is simply two strangers who meet and have different plans but have to stay in New York overnight. A man and a woman of course.

The script has a handful of writers but the big name is Ron Bass. Wanna know who he is?
Rainman with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, Joy Luck Club, My Best Friend's Wedding and a few dozen others. But it's still Bass's movie.

I never saw Captain America, but my expert-director-know-it-all expert says that Evens is really good. He must be, he directed it too.

Not a great movie, but certainly a nice watch.  

Before I Disappear is similar in that it's also an overnight story of two lost people but this one has some real edge. It begins with the lead actor in a bathtub with blood in it and he's ready to off himself until the phone rings.

What's amazing is that the actor is also the writer and someone I didn't really know. His name is Shawn Christensen and he made a really good movie. This time the odd couple were him and a young girl, around 12 years old. 

It's basically about two different worlds, he has to take care of his sister's girl who goes to dance school. So you got someone who wants to die and who lives with druggies and now has to look after his sister's daughter because the sister... well, she's in trouble too.

There's one scene in this movie that is total breakout. I played it over again. All I'll say is that it takes place in a bowling alley and goes completely out of the movie for that moment. 

So, I'm slowly getting back to movieworld rather than bookworld. 

Although I could start another screenplay... how about a girl who saves a guy from getting beat-up in a small town bar - overnight.


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