Monday, February 29, 2016

My indiegogo meets the Oscars

My indiegogo "campaign" hit a lock this past week. I got $1000 in 4 days but only $39 on the weekend. Bummer. I'm also learning that the majority of the donations don't ask for a perk, almost 75% just wanted to give it to me.

Which is nice to know, but most of the money will go to an illustrator, a format book expert and someone who will do my front and back cover. Above is one of her illustrations which I had asked for. The illustrations will be at the front of each story, representing a particular story.

This one represents a really expensive hotel my brother and I stayed at near Cannes, France. When we left the hotel, we noticed a cat standing by the steps looking very French. So I decided for the illustration above.

But I have 25 more days to reach my goal of $2500. More or less.

See, I have two choices here; if I get the full $2500, it's a done deal. But if I don't get the $2500 then I can keep going until I do get it.

This is the advantage of indiegogo. If you don't make your goal, you can continue for some time.

Kickstarter only lets you end at a certain day and if you don't reach your goal, that's it. 

Enough of that.

Let's go to the Oscars. 

Well, first of all, I am Canadian and being that, my country didn't have African slaves. We had no slaves. In fact Canada was one of the major safe places for African Americans to flee to. It was a part of the underground railroad, for those who never heard of that.

And we didn't wipe out Indian tribes either.

So what am I saying?

As an outsider it's hard to understand why the U.S. did this. Even George Washington had slaves. 

But it's coming back again.

Somehow in the form of Chris Rock. I wasn't really sure how the Oscar telecast would play but it somehow managed to get through and Leo got his Oscar after five tries.

But it was one of the lowest rated Oscar telecasts ever.

So, was it because of the African American thing?

Probably not. The Oscars have been going down for years and this is, for the most, not anything to do with last night's Oscars.

So why?

Mostly the Oscars are becoming a tired old man.

Last night I watched at least most of the presenters who I barely know of. I realize now that the boomers are slowly fading - not dead - but getting there.

No more Bob Hope or Johnny Carson.

Instead a steady run of actors for the GenX crowd that is now getting older too. For some reason I didn't seem to remember the male presenters, but I did remember the women because they had better clothes, aka dresses.

At least that remains.

And Leo got his oscar.

But I still have 25 days to get my donations to begin to finish my book.


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