Friday, February 26, 2016

$1000 in 4 days

Looks like started with a bang, we raised $750 on late Monday to early Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) we hit $1000. Our goal is $2500 but right now we're 42% of the way there. 

And we still have 22 days. 

And because we got up to that amount, indiegogo has given us Featured Spot on the weekly blog. Which should get us more attention. 

So what's the photo about? 

The speed limit in Montana used to be like this, "reasonable and prudent", which means speed limit is up to you. However now, they have a 65mph limit on 2-lane highways and up to 75mph on interstate highways.  

Now for another surprise.

I realized that my collection of short stories could connect to each other and thus create a screenplay.  Why?

Two movies in mind; Wild with Reese Witherspoon and Into The Wild  directed by Sean Penn. Both movies had one character traveling, Witherspoon hiking and meeting people along the way.

And the lead character in Into The Wild did the same thing.

And both movies were based on real people.

So I have real people too.

I'm seriously considering writing the screenplay in a few weeks, while I'm still getting attention to 

Whattya think?

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