Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy, busy

Gotta rush around today, so I'll do a bigger blog Tues. I have to do the 5 pages requested by my director friend on an amateur screenplay by an amateur screenwriter but who has found money enough to make a low budget film.

Then I have to go to a friend's place to pick up the negative (as in film negative to all you millennials) to Ghostkeeper, the feature I made in 1980. Why keep it at his place? Because he has more damp temperature which keeps longer.

Or something like that.

And the reason is that the distributor who discovered two negative films in a basement in New York and with that he did a 30th anniversary version in digital. And now he wants to do it in Blu-ray. A little behind but better than nothing. 

Then I have to file some other work with Library of Congress which is pretty simple paperwork.

And then I have to mail a theater card of the Searchers, the John Wayne movie and my best film ever. I had it on ebay and a very nice Searchers fan was happy to get it.

So this means driving and running around so I'll be a better blog tomorrow.  

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