Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Still alive

Sorry I've been so damn busy with the book It's been a little busy and then slows down to a crawl but I'm hoping to finish it up good. I got 700 looks but only about 25 donors.

It's interesting what I've learned from You really need someone who knows how to get 10,000 people rather than 25.  So if you haven't checked it out, have a look.

And on the other side I'm starting a little project I figured I could get the money for. Yes, a screenplay that I can shoot for at least $80- 120 thousand bucks. It's been laying around for a few years.

More about that next Monday, or maybe Friday.

btw I have three times the readers this last week-end. Not sure what that's about but I LIKE IT!!! 

So, hang on and I'll be back by Friday.

Thanks for hanging... 

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