Tuesday, December 20, 2016

First of all...

As some of you long term readers of this blog, there are a bunch of other people that amaze me some time. And just to remember, this blog began in August 2009.

We've been on this 7 years. And a lot of words. For those who just started, you really should go back to the beginning, especially the TV series blogs that lasted for almost a month or so. It was quite a difficult show and a lot of fighting in the writer's room. And also get a chance to see a real movie star of the 60's era and how she saved my life one night in a bar.

The bar scene is also in my book "How Not To Get Beat Up In A Small Town Bar".

Yes, that's the title. The book is about my traveling across U.S. and Canada and even Paris. Stories about the people I met. Check it out on Amazon.

But what's even better is this --

There are a lot of readers on this blog. A lot. Look --


And I'll buy anyone a coffee when you're in town, or already in town. Any time. Sherman Oaks.

But there's more...

The Ghostkeeper deal is done, we're going to do a Blu-ray version of the film with Code Red distributors. It should be out in the new year.

And another deal is getting more attention. One of my scripts. Wouldn't that be nice for 2017.

Meanwhile, go have Christmas, enjoy with family or friends.

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