Friday, December 2, 2016

New screenplay to try...

Finally decided on my next spec script. Haven't really written one since S.O.B., the pilot that's running around looking for a home.

In case you forgot, it's about two women who had married the same man, not at the same time. One was in her 50's, the other was 22. And they have inherited their ex husband's a falling apart Private Investigation company. Actually a store-front on Ventura Boulevard.

And the S.O.B. isn't what you think. Rather it is a real estate term referring to homes being on the south side of Ventura Boulevard have more esteem than the south side. 

Thus S.O.B. South of the Boulevard

It's already been registered so I'm not worried. 

So my new one is a TV movie, of which I spoke of in the last few blogs. While the old TV movies ended around 2008, I am going for the new "TV movies" which can still connect with some networks like Hallmark (yes, the Hallmark company makes lots of them) and also Lifetime and SyFy networks.

True, there isn't the amount of TV movies around. But there are series all over the place and new networks I haven't even seen yet have short series. TV is certainly taken over theatrical movies and I don't really think that the Oscar lot isn't all that great. In fact the last few oscar players weren't all that good either.

So my new movie, also registered, is a flashback movie, a young girl getting married falls down just about when she is to get married and is suddenly back in the 1960's searching for a lost family heirloom that her grandmother lost when she was to marry. And to make it even a little more I'm throwing in the moon landing.

The moon landing?

Well, it was the 60's, after all. Why not? 1969!!

I'm just starting to play with the story, using my favorite software, Power Structure. No sales here, I just like it.

And finally, I'm going to show you a script that has been hanging along since 1985. 

Before  Strange Things.

Before Walking Dead.

Two words: Burger Zombies.


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