Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Getting back finally...

 Okay, so I thought I'd show you my weekly stuff, most of which won't really get too much attention. It's more of a monthly piece but I redo it every week anyway. So we're on Tuesday, January 3 and I didn't really do anything yesterday either. 

So why the colors?

I like it and I can also easily find the subject in a few seconds or so. I don't really know who else does this, but I don't really mind. You are now looking at my secrets, or rather what I'm trying to do. I'll show you how it works --

Top box is most important I ordered 12 copies of "How to Not Get Beat Up etc" because I'm going to send copies to outdoor magazines, hoping that I can get some attention. Better than an email. 

Uber is another piece. Not really very much.

Ford Explorer -- my trusty 1996 Ford which is just beautiful and needs a rear end (don't we all). She was with me most of the years and now has 268,000 miles. Yep. And I'm keeping her.  

You can read the rest; the 4th box is what I'm trying to work on now, these are for 2017 and hopefully at least one will make it. I'm not really afraid of anyone stealing any ideas, in fact I welcome it, nobody writes the same way.

I've been doing this method for at least 3o years, I like it to be orderly and to have something to look at on the wall besides photos. The lowest box is probably not all that busy, in fact 

I accidentally put Station Dog story. That was a big deal a year ago, a dog tied up at a train station, left by someone who wrote a note to anyone who could take the dog because she couldn't afford to have him.

That story really hit me, and I know one day I'll write it. It's one of the many ideas I get from newspapers and I've done a few from those stories. I have a new one already up above, it's the script I'm just beginning.

The lowest box, as I said, aren't all that important. 

So this is what I plan. It won't necessarily happen for any one script, these are all scripts both feature and TV, including streaming networks if they buy it. Maybe I'll get one going, my new one is pretty good, I think, goes back a while.

In my screenplay book, I talk a lot about story and how stories are made up, usually from reality for me, I never make up a story that's not true.

Like my Christmas story, it was actually three separate events in my life; the first one was a broken-down car with my partner and her 3 kids. The "second act" was about how the family settled down for a week-end in a down and out town and finally a Christmas evening for everyone, which came from a grade-school Christmas I remembered from 1960's.

So, we're all here again, hope to count all of you hanging around, I'm trying to combine this blog and a web site where writers can talk to each other and read scripts and even take some writing lessons from my book.

So let's see where we go.

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