Monday, November 21, 2016

When does a writer quit...

Since I'm a boomer, I get a lot of questions as to when do I quit writing.

The answer of course, is never.

A friend of mine says that only when his face hits the laptop. And then he wants us to put the laptop with him in his grave. When I asked why, he said "In case a get a good idea."

Writers who really are writers will continue to write something for the rest of their lives. As for me, I am working on a youtube channel video based on an "Uber-like" story, a different 5 minute story for five days.

I'm also trying to resolve the Ghostkeeper Blu-ray situation so that everyone gets something. 

Then there's the spec S.O.B. pilot I wrote last spring. I got notes and am going to work on that spec pilot to smooth it out.

And I've got three scripts floating with producers; one is about a jetliner that mysteriously turns towards the Pacific and the pilot can't turn it back. The other is a real fun one, Burger Zombies. I wrote that back in 1983, it's been optioned a few times and maybe this time will click. 

The other script is one I don't really like, I wrote it for a director friend and it's been floating around too. I really don't like it but if someone buys, that's great.

So that's what I'm up to for now.

And most of you out there, probably millennials and a few boomers as well as younger writers are probably starting, or want to start or are already on a series or a feature. And you probably don't need to read this, or dispute it.

Features have changed, I was one of the TV movie group, we wrote a lot of TV movies from around 1985 and ended in 2008. Something happened then.


Survivor came out of nowhere, put a bunch of people on an island and they fight to win a million dollars.

It came along with no actors, big budgets or anything.

And it wiped out TV movies for the most part. We, being writers in WGA, actually had two "Death of the TV Movie" parties at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, of course.

What happened after that decimated the whole TV movie killed a lot of us. It wasn't until 2010 that I sold a script to Hallmark.

But that's another story. Friday. 

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