Monday, November 7, 2016

Ghostkeeper returns

Last week I got an email from a British distributor who wants to do a Blu-ray version of Ghostkeeper, the feature suspense movie I wrote and directed in 1980. The image above is for Ghostkeeper 2, Never Go Back.

Strange how things like this come back. A few years ago a U.S. distrib found two 35mm films intact in a storage place in New York. Since all I had in the way of video was VHS. The U.S. distrib wanted to make DVDs. I made a deal and it was done.

And now, the British distrib is ready to do a Blu-ray version which would be really cool. Ghostkeeper isn't a great movie, but there's enough people who like it. 

So there.

I would also like the Brit to sell in Canada as well, as it's a Canadian feature film. I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Here's the "30th" anniversary version made 4 years ago.

The original version is mostly like this version.
Here's a few internet reviews:  Sorry I couldn't keep the sentences correct.

  “The methodically paced Ghostkeeper is an exercise in disciplined mood generation, its
bare claustrophobia is for those who prefer their chills straightforward and can be a
most rewarding snow trap”.

“Ghostkeeper is strangely satisfying, the last 20 minutes are tense and horrific, it kept me
gripped and threads the middle ground between psychological and supernatural horror.”
Mjsimpson UK

“Ghostkeeper is surprisingly professional-looking for its low budget.” (Alberta

“Performances are a notch above those in American horror fare,” (Calgary Herald)

“A remarkably eerie and very atmospheric horror film… actually very well put together
and is consistently entertaining… If you liked the 1980 stalker film Prom Night, I’d
recommend seeking out this spooky little Canadian Gem.” horror_freak/Oregon

“Ghostkeeper is a pretty creepy and atmospheric horror film which will keep you
guessing until the end. The acting is solid and the atmosphere of fear and total isolation
is well-captured. 8 out of 10”. HumanoidOfFlesh/Poland

“Poorly distributed during its (initial) release, this well done low-budget film is quite
better than one might expect.” teptime/Las Vegas

“Sadly unknown spooky little gem, definitely one of the better ‘80’s horror films, this
unknown little chiller should be a familiar entry in the genre, got little attention which is
really too bad because of how good the film is." larsenjanda/USA

“Ghostkeeper is a truly bare boned affair. Filtered with only a few characters, located
mostly in one building and featuring very little gore, there’s still something so…uh…
good which even now after thinking about it for a couple of days, I just can’t explain.”
Amanda By Night."

Here's the original film shoot in 1980.

 More to come...

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