Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekender: "That'll Be The Day".

Just a few more notes on The Searchers movie I rave about. There is a line in the movie that John Wayne repeats several times during the movie. That single line was used by another movie maker, an English rock band and Buddy Holly. And it happens when Jeffrey Hunter and Wayne come back to the ranch after searching for his niece for several years.

As they approach at night, it seems a party is going on ahead of them, people gathered. Hunter asks Wayne what's going on, "are they having a party for us, Uncle Ethan" he says. Wayne answers in only four words;

"That'll be the day".

He says it another few times in the movie. It was sort of an early version of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry when he says, "Go ahead, make my day".

The movie was seen by 50's iconic rocker Buddy Holly who wrote a song with that title. The song was one of his biggest hits before he died in an airplane crash.


And there were a couple other aspiring rockers who also heard the song and sang it on one of their first albums. A little group called The Beatles.

   It also inspired another British rock group who actually changed their name to... "The Searchers". 

And it became a movie in 1973 with British rocker David Essex (Rock On) . The movie was called "That'll Be the Day". Movie also starred Ringo Starr.

All from four words said by John Wayne. 


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