Monday, April 8, 2013

Likely Scenario

While I was hoping to start my Heart screenplay I got some attention to another project I played with last year. I wrote a 3-page outline for a series about a Hollywood screenwriter who gets hired by Homeland Security to offer the wildest ideas that he could come up with to show what terrorists could possibly do.

While it sounds a little crazy, I read an article that said exactly that and it wouldn't be a surprise nor would it be the first time writers were asked to write crazy ideas.

I had forgotten about the project for the time being until someone emailed me and asked to see a script. Sometimes I say script, other times screenplay, script suggests TV series and screenplay suggests movies on the "big screen".  But sometimes the screenplay is referred to as "the script". So go figure.


The problem is that I don't have a script for the idea. Just 3 pages. So last week I watched a bunch of "procedurals" and a couple of scripts I got from the internet. FYI the word procedural refers to, among other things, a TV show in which the content is mostly a procedure.

This would include Law & Order, NCIS, CSI and any others in which the story is told by stages, ie, person murdered/NCIS get clues/technology appears, etc. That's it.

So I banged out a 4 page "beat sheet" with ideas and today I begin to write the damn thing. Should take a week but it might be longer. This always happens when I think I get a great idea and then other stuff, as in $$, gets in the way of the great idea, for which I don't get money unless someone buys it.

So that's my week. And of course, hopefully, the book will go back to Amazon and they send me another proof and it's perfect and then it will go up for sale.

Unless there's another flaw in the book. Like a typo. Makes me crazy.

But work is work and there are a lot of writers out of work.

But that's another blog.


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