Monday, April 15, 2013

Bad Monday

Not in a good mood, my book has to be re-done to fit margins correctly, meaning another delay. I was hoping to have it done by January past, but waited too long for some of the elements - my fault.

Also the WGA forgot to send me a nice fat residual check and I had to remind them.  The check is for foreign levies, which I've dealt with before but for anyone new here, it's money that's collected in Europe primarily for any time my movies or TV shows are shown there. It's based on copyright which, as an "artiste" I own. 

Not so in the U.S., as the producers buy my copyright because they're greedy and found a loophole called "Work for Hire" in which they buy my script with copyright and I am simply an employee. Nice guys, eh?

Regardless, I am not complaining as writers get money from heaven in sort of a way, checks arrive from movies or tv shows I've forgotten about. Of course some of them can be for 78 cents so don't get too excited.

Next my gas heat went off and I have to wait till Friday for a gas-person to fix it. It's not a big deal as this is southern California and cold for us is 65F. Actually I turn off my heat for the summer as it isn't needed until October or so when the temps plunge to 65F.

Also having problems with my TV procedural pilot script by running into corners, or as some might say "writer's block". I prefer the term GDSOB, coined by my brother who abbreviated our dad's two favorite curse words.  I get testy when I'm stuck in a corner and usually have to just get outta the place and hit Chili John's or the Farmer's Market for lunch. 

Tomorrow will be a better day.


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