Monday, March 6, 2017

Sort of a job...

Sorry to not post last week, I was having my niece from Canada and a lot of running around with other stuff of which some is actually a possible deal.

A friend of mine passed me over to a production company who does really low budget movies for Lifetime that he's done a few. So I started a story but unfortunately, one of their movies had pretty much the same plot line.

However, I worked on a "similar" idea which I wrote over the weekend. I'm talking 1 page. I also started a spec screenplay at the same time. It was an idea for a producer who worked with a studio but they passed last year.

I think.

Why do I feel uncertain?

Well, it could be that studio didn't like my script. Or they didn't like the producer.
Or both.

It happens. 

So I changed a few little things in the original 1-page. Actually it's more like a half page. That's not being quite a full page or a stretched out logline. At any rate all anyone wants to see is more than one paragraph and less than three.

So today, I am trying to figure out an idea that isn't quite like the producer's idea but yet is close to the producer's idea.

Fun, huh...

Anyways, I gotta start now. More later.

Yeah, that's me at 5 I think. Always loved them cowboys.

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