Monday, July 11, 2016

Sorry, post is a little late

I'm late again, had a hard wk-end and a lot of preparation for a shot at a pilot I wrote some time ago and it resurfaced. At least the heat isn't all that bad in good old Sherman Oaks. 

I'm considering putting a script on The Black List, it's a good place to put your screenplay on and you can get some attention if your script is good. Basically the Black List (not the TV show) is where producers and writers and anyone else who wants to see scripts that might get made.

It's not a contest, rather scripts get read from so-called professional script readers and it costs $50. Then your script can be shown to other writers and also producers as Black List has a very good reputation.  Very often, some of their choices of films, which may be hanging around for years, get made.

But most of the scripts don't really get too far because the ones that Black List picks out often become award winners.

Have a look anyways, The Black List. I think it costs $20 to join.

You can see it on the blog, first one under STUFF.

Anyways, more tomorrow... 

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