Friday, July 22, 2016

  Sorry, I got behind this morning... but here's the real reader's report. And only 3 pages of 11 pages in total.

So this is a real reader's report as compared to that 3/4 page with "strengths" and "weaknesses." So have a look at this, I just entered 3 pages but if you want more email me. The markings are mine.

So, this is only 3 pages of 11 (I lost the first 2 pages) but I think you can tell which is a good readers report and which isn't. She had the script overnight as mentioned and we went to a bar to read it over.

I was a little bit egotistic at that time but even with that I realized she was one hell of a reader. 

So which reader's report would you want to read. As I mentioned, the $50 reader trashed most of what wasn't really bad at all, but hey, they gotta make that $50. 

Go look at the lame reader's report and put it up against only 3 pages of her 11 page readers report. 

Needless to say she was worth a lot more and I would work with her anytime, anywhere.

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