Saturday, January 23, 2016

Page views

Just a note to show you how many people have done "page views" since this blog started.

U.S. 27,051

Russia 9,426

Canada 7,826

France, 181

UK 2941

Ukraine 2251

Germany 1899

China 1507

Turkey 942

India 490 

I've also had page views from at least a dozen other countries that total around 550 page views.

The U.S. was always there from the beginning as well as Canada, my home country even though I've lived in L.A. since 1990. I'm always surprised about Russia, they're almost always 2nd to U.S. pageviews. 

But not many seem to comment on anything, I get posts about strange things that don't really relate to films and TV. 

Next week you're going to hear about my new book, sort of related to movies and TV, but I'll give you more info as it works.

Meanwhile, thanks for the thousands of page views.


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