Sunday, January 10, 2016

6 scripts for sale

A lot of people have been talking all over town about a famous screenwriter who wants to sell his screenplays. So what's the news? Every famous screenwriter wants to sell his screenplays.

But this is one in particular.

Ever hear of a movie called Bullett, with Steve McQueen. You know, that great 1968 Mustang fastback (just like mine but with a bigger engine)?

This famous writer wrote it.

No. Not me. I'm not famous, at least if you count cousins. And my ex.

He's Alan Trustman. And everyone was excited because, first of all, very few know who he is. I didn't even know who he was.

Alan Trustman also wrote The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) with Steve McQueen.
Apparently they both liked each other because McQueen made Bullett (1968)  in the same year.

Ironically, Mr,Trustman also wrote the 1999 version of Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. 
So what's the news already, Jim. 

Mr. Trustman, born in 1930, making him 85, wants to sell his screenplays. But not without a fight. I don't mean some stretched-out diatribe but he just wants to express his opinions. At 85 I think he's allowed.

He started his career with those two movies. He made a few others and then it all ended. He was unable to sell screenplays from home, which was 3000 miles away. But there were telephones then, and letters and then e-mail.

But nothing.

So he decided to put up 6 of his screenplays for sale.  He advertised on Variety and the New York Sunday Book Review and also put them on Amazon and Create Space. For $9.99 apiece. Really. 

I put the ad/letter he wrote under "Stuff" on my page right beside you as you read this

There are similarities, to me, in fact to at least a thousand of writers like Mr. Trustman and me. And a lot of them are bitter. They kick you out when they don't need you anymore.

I don't really feel bitter, it's not easy to do, but why bother. I just keep writing. 

But that's because I've managed to exceed any expectations that my teachers or anyone else who never excpected. Except my mom, of course. And my ex. And my sort-of ex. They all liked me.

And my car ever. Me under the Mackinac Bridge 
in Michigan. My ex and I off for adventure in the Rocky Mountains 1972.


But there's more...

I've often thought that I should just punch out those 35 or so screenplays I have rusting on the old cupboard. Yes, 35. And like Mr. Trustman, I also feel that these screenplays are good and that they can be made.

I think I'll post that Friday -- for the week-end. Eh?


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