Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Getting behind and everyone's gone anyways

Got a little carried away with last week's holiday thing, even though I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday in October. So I get two Thanksgivings, eh?

What I mean above by "everyone's gone" is that it seems each year, the spread between American Thanksgiving and Christmas is getting smaller and smaller. The joke is that everyone is preparing their winter clothes for Aspen.

Well, I'm not going to Aspen.

I'll be lucky if anyone even asks me to come with them. Besides, who wants to hang around with famous celebrities and studio execs who don't want to hire women directors.

What I was and am doing is putting my web site for a book I'm writing. I figured this is the best time to put the whole show together. A refresher --

My "book" is a collection of short stories about my escapades traveling the lonesome highways and finding great truckstops and people who tell me about their lives. Again, my title is a little long;

How To Not Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar

I finished the book in September and dragged it along for two months before I started to do my crowdfunding thing.

Crowdfunding - this is where anyone who needs money or who doesn't want to spend their money can raise money. Kickstarter is the big boy on the block and indiegogo is also big. What they do is give you a forum where people can donate money to your cause.

And it's legal. 

There are a few charlatans that show up but for the most part, it's pretty good for anyone who wants to create an invention or anything where start-up money is needed. 

Movies can be made this way; two years ago or so "they" raised $5 million to make a new movie of Veronica Mars, which was a series way back. 

But I'm not asking for that much. 
I just want $3200.00
And I won't get any of it, probably.

So that's what I'm doing now. Putting my crowdfunder together. I have a great artist who is doing pencil sketches for each of my stories. In addition I have to get someone who knows how to format everything to Amazon.

So what about the money? Who gives it to you?
They go to my website at and donate.


That's the catch. It's basically the same as the big companies work except that there's a limit on crowdfunding. 

So Monday and Tuesday I shot an opening in which I talk about why I need their help to make this happen.

Did you ever have to say something brilliant in less than 1 minute?

It took me 18 times to get it down -- the first day. Then Tuesday I didn't like Monday's so I redid it again. 

It's hard.

So anyways, that's what I'm doing until Christmas.

Oh... if you happen to be interested, I will be offering copies of my screenwriting book as a "Perk." You know, something special. Perks can be anything, and in my case it's copies of my two books as well as photographs and other stuff I haven't figured out yet.

So, sorry to be late, today I'm continuing this damn thing.

Besides, I don't ski anymore anyways. 

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