Monday, December 7, 2015

Bad day

Started off with a bad day, or as my dad used to say, "gdsob". You can probably figure that one out. First my schedule didn't print right, on my inkjet. It printed my weekly schedule every day for three years but today, just thin lines.

Then I attempted to burn a CD (yes, an antique) but neither my PC nor my iMac would burn, saying that the 3 CD's I bought at a drug store wasn't empty? 

Again; gdsob.

Then, I tried calling a woman at the Canadian writer's guild aka WGC of whom I have been trying to contact for four months. No answer there either.

It's gonna be one of those mornings... or day's... or weeks?

Last night I went to the WGA Christmas Party at one of those in-crowd hip/hop places that I wouldn't be caught dead in. And at $13 a drink (we got a ticket for one beer or glass of wine) I wasn't about to give this joint much money. 

I usually go with a friend of mine who coaxes me, but there are few real hot writers hanging around, and a lot of episodic types that I don't know. The place was on the 4th floor of that huge building on Highland and Hollywood Blvds and the street, at 5pm was packed with tourists and those sad people who dress up as Marilyn or pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars Wookies and the Dark guy. 

There was even a Chaplin guy, looked remarkably real. 

They do this for money, getting people to pay a few bucks to show people at home they stood with a fake movie star.

I'm putting my effort on the travel book I'm writing, you know, "How To Not Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar". Today and this week, I have to work so I can put it up in early January.

More on this later. Something else isn't working...



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