Monday, November 3, 2014

Money, money

 This last week was a big one for me, first getting a nice fat residual check from that great big bear called Gentle Ben, whose DVD and showings continue to give me a nice little present in the $1000-plus range. Love those residuals.

Just for those who aren't quite sure how residuals (or royalties, same thing) work. This happens only in US, Canada has a different system. What it is, in the US system is a percentage of income that the producer has to pay on a regular schedule. I've outlined this before but there are new people, so you others can ignore the blog.

These royalties can be as low as 0.00 and upwards of thousands of dollars for big movies that make a lot of money. I'm at that lower level, almost all TV movies and they pay enough if they're shown. In Gentle Ben, there's two sources, showings and sales and I've had a nice flow since 2005.

Eventually, the amounts get smaller, I have royalties of .83 cents on other shows. In Canada the producer has to pay a reasonable amount right at the time the movie is made rather than waiting for sales and showings.

But so much for that.

I also have interest in a couple of producers who are considering a screenplay or idea. I never say they're buying it until the money is in the bank and the check has cleared. Here's the potential;

One producer wants several ideas for Hallmark movies. Sounds great but I have to find something that they feel they can sell. And that's almost impossible for one big reason: Famous screenwriter William Goldman's classic saying about Hollywood is: "Nobody knows anything."

And believe me, it's proved true more often than not.

Another producer has some money but not all of it, and this is for a written screenplay that has been optioned a few times but never made.

Another producer is trying to get interest in some producers who have money.

And yet another wants one of my best screenplays, although he doesn't want to pay for it until he has money.

And then a few other people who are considering talking to me.

And of course, because I write all this, all of the above will be gone by Friday. Lost and forgotten.

Ah, the life of a screenwriter. 

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