Monday, October 27, 2014

Oscar hopefuls?

 A bunch of us were talking about Oscar hopefuls and the fact that none of us have really seen anything worthy of it. By this time last year I was already excited about Nebraska and the Cohen Brothers Inside LLewyn Davis and American Hustle.

There was some murmurs about Dallas Buyers Club and Philomena.

And so far this year -- nothing yet.

Okay, there's Birdman with Michael Keaton's return and maybe Dear White People. There's a few weak maybe's like St. Vincent with Bill Murray doing the same thing he does in every movie he makes.  And if Gone Girl is nominated for anything, I quit.

There is one movie however that I am looking forward to, enough to actually pay to see it on the big screen rather than at a studio screening which is filled with film people.

That movie is The Imitation Game, a rather bad title but a good movie. It's based on Alan Turing, a mathematical genius who was able to crack the German war machine's code machine. Experts say that his discovering how the Germans send codes probably made the war two years shorter.

Turing actually created what would be one of the first "computers". However the story gets a little darker...

Turing, it turned out, was gay, and banned from any more work with computers and anything else in the same type of work. He was pretty much finished and died by eating an apple dipped in cyanide.

Sounds like an Oscar nomination to me.

But let's wait and see what happens. 

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  1. Best movie, best actor? Mr Turner.
    I liked Maps to the Stars and '71 is truly riveting.
    I've seen a bit of Imitation Game and I wonder why Cumberbatch is using a funny voice . . but look for Christopher Spall as best actor in Mr Turner; you saw it here first.