Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too busy?

Well, no excuses... I had a hell of a time Sunday as I attempted to do a 2 minute intro to our page and completely forgot my Monday blog.

I have a new appreciation for actors as I had to speak into a camera and explain what we are trying to do. I had it written out, an easy 2 minute speech of sorts. But it began to fall apart with each try. 

It's hard. I would start and stop, or forget the words and just get mad. Lots of bad words were said.

Finally I just winged it; I knew what had to be said and knocked out 4 versions and about twice that many that were stopped in between. The thing is that each one was different in it's own way, but I managed to finish the damn thing.

One interesting aspect I didn't think of was breathing. When I shot the first clip I replayed it on my Final Cut Pro software and realized I was catching my breath between sentences, it was noticeable to a pro but not really that much to the average person so I hope it passes quietly.

But I did call an actor friend and asked how actors do this -- all the time--. He said the secret is to breath from below, around the stomach. I tried that and it sort of worked but also would take me a week just to be almost okay.

And today I come back and there's Chris, my Irish-English buddy, saying "where's the blog". Both of us have been doing this for 4 years, maybe a little longer for Chris.

But I'm back at work, posted my 4 versions on my FB and it seemed that most liked the 4th one, which I liked the best also. You can go over to my FB and have a look, or even add your own fifty cents worth.

Next I'm editing a 2 minute version of Ghostkeeper to combine with the intro above. I already have a 4 minute version so it won't be hard to cut a 2 minute version out of it. I couldn't do any of this without Final Cut Pro or FCP, the editing system that took me a hell of a long time to learn and has paid off quite well. But I don't think I'll be editing for a profession, I'm not that good. You can see that on my YouTube channel.

For the FB videos just go FB and Jim Makichuk, you can scroll down till you find the site with my 4 videos.

For YouTube go to my YouTube channel to the left of this blog and lower.

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