Friday, November 23, 2012

Work & Hitch

So much for Thanksgiving, now I can get back to editing my book on screenwriting. I'll work on it today, Friday, but week-ends are not for writing and the weather in Southern California is just fantastic, so lots of bike-riding coming up.

LA Times didn't care for the Hitchcock movie with Anthony Perkins, which opens today. I saw it at a screening with my director friend, David Winning and both of us felt the same way about 10 minutes into the movie; all I could see of Hitchcock was Perkins impersonating him, and try as he could, he never resurrected the spirit of "Hitch".

I think the appeal of this movie won't move the audiences to see it, and young generation has no idea who he is or was. Best performance was Helen Mirren, who always works well. Some comments suggested she was far more attractive and interesting than Alma, Hitch's actual wife.

The girls (Jessica and Scarlett) work fine but in general the movie is more like a TV movie on Lifetime.

So much for reviews, more interesting stuff Monday. 



  1. Oops! My mistake, kept both names on my mind at the same time. Anthony Hopkins!!