Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sorry for the long delay

I have had 5 computer/software problems for last week and this week even though it's only Tuesday. I started on computers way back in 1986 at the dawn of the PC world with an Atari. I was also one of the first of my friends to buy a laptop. It was a Zenith (remember them?) and weighed about 15 pounds, of which the battery was 10 pounds.

After my Panasonic VCR/DVD recorder finally quit and I was unable to get to the interior of the unit, I was never able to find a unit that would connect to DirecTV satellite. Others were doing it but I could simply not get there.

It took 2 DVD recorders to realize that the problem was still there, even with support and DirecTV techs who were at my home.

Then I bought a new Canon printer that prints DVDs and yes, it would but the templates had different styles of use, I wanted plain white writeable DVDs but they could not handle that. When I went to Canon Support I got a scam company, iYogi who said they had to clean my computer for $158 first. I returned the Canon.

Then I bought a new LED flatscreen and had some installation problems but I finally got that done. This was followed by an Epson printer similar to my old one that packed it in and wouldn't print dvds anymore. And of course the dvd came out blurred. I realized that my friend had given me some smooth DVDs meant only to write with a sharpie and I spend another 2 hours on the phone with Epson in Philippines, of which two techies were not able to fix it.

But I used the right DVDs and after printing several, the blurred ink went away. So far.

Next I had purchased a software called DVD-Cloner so I could make copies of Ghostkeeper and my other movies. Well, some were copied some did not register. So I am now asking for my money back.

So finally I am back to work on my book, should be finished in a few weeks as well as still working on Ghostkeeper with Joe and some positive contacts. Also might be doing a rewrite on another screenplay a friend of mine is producing.

Can't wait for Christmas... maybe my movie will be on again. The Town that Christmas Forgot.

I'll calm down by Wednesday

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