Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comments change

I've always been open with my blog and welcomed comments which, when they come, are almost always good. I've had only 3 critical comments since this blog started in August 2009 and kept them in. All 3 were about one thing I said that might have upset them, and that's too bad. No apologies.

The latest critique not only criticized  me but also suggested I could go to jail for throwing a phone book. It went on to attack me personally as to perceived failures in my career, none of which happened.  It even suggested ageism.

After 35 years in the business, I really don't have anything I need to prove. Like me or hate me, I don't give a damn.

Years ago I learned one thing from the internet, there's a kind of equality issue that happens, a wannabe amateur can become a peer to a professional by challenging them. I have wasted a lot of time arguing with someone who has no film experience whatsoever, but feels that they have as much to say as me.

The truth is, these wannabes don't know as much as I do, and while I don't mind their criticism, I will not tolerate their anonymity anymore. There are a lot of pretentous posers out there these days, they attend some film seminars, read some magazines, know a friend in the business, watch Entertainment Tonight and think they know the business.

They know the words, but not the business.

Filmmaking is not a democracy.  Directing is akin to being king. Ask any director.

But the most frustrating part is that I don't know who the anonymous comment poster is. I'm arguing with someone I don't know or can even see. Up to now I have kept  the comment area open because I have nothing to hide, nor do I restrict access to the blog.

But that has changed.

From now on, I will restrict comments that have little value other than personally attacking me.

But here's the way in; if you want to attack me, then I need to know who you are. I think that's only fair. Tell me your name and show me your credits. Simple as that. I'm wide open to you, revealing my good and bad side honestly and without  hubris. I expect the same in return.

I don't think this will affect 99% of you blog readers and thanks for the private emails on this subject.

We move on.


  1. Jim- keep up the good work and don't let those commentators with a chip on their shoulder get to you. this business is difficult enough without those comments coming from the peanut gallery. Carry on. - William

  2. Many thanks Jim for sharing your world with us. Inevitably some no talent, no experience, no name, nobody will take the cheap, sour grapes pop shot, but like you say "what the hell do they know!" Blog's refreshing hearing someone tell it as it is! - Lynn