Monday, April 17, 2017

Finally got paid

Okay, so finally I got paid. Here's the final message to the producers.

Good day:

I am following up on this project on behalf of the steward, Mary.

I just would like to follow up on this payment of the Fees for this project as the Writer has advised that there are still payments which are outstanding for this project.

Please be reminded of the following as per the WGC independent Production Agreement:

Article A715 Rights Licensed

On payment of the Script Fees as provided herein, the Producer shall acquire, subject to Articles A710 to A712, an exclusive license to produce a single production made from the Script

Article A716
On the payment of the Production Fee stipulated in C10 and subject to payment of continuing Distribution Royalties as required by C11 or other payments as set out in C513 or C9 the Producer shall acquire the exclusive license for unlimited world distribution of a Feature Film, and unlimited world distribution, except theatrical distribution of a Television Production.

The Production Fee payment was due at the first day of principal photography, but is proceeded by the payment of the Script Fee. The payment of the Script  Fee allows the Producer to Produced the Script, but its the payment of the Production Fee that allows the Producer to acquire the rights to distribute.

As per Article A1306 of the IPA, remittances ( aka admin payment) are due to the WGC the 15th of the month following the earning of the fee by the Writer. Since the film has been produced already, please ensure that the remittances are received as soon as possible in order not to incur a late fee.

Kind Regards,

Agreement Administrator
Writers Guild of Canada

Hi Jim,

I am just doing the preliminary notice/ reminder.. I am not sure what Jasmine has done. But this certainly can build in our case that they were advised if we have to proceed with a grievance against them. Since Jasmine is away, I am just trying to keep things going so they are aware. Once Mary returns then perhaps a grievance will follow if nothing is accomplished by then.

9/28/2010 – 9am
Hello Kerrie

Jim was wired the balance of his payment yesterday.  The fringe payments are being prepared by Mary Robbie today and will be remitted by EP Canada as soon as possible.

Please let me know if there are any other outstanding issues.

Best regards

Andy Serson
XYZ Productions Inc.

9/28/2010 6am PST
Payment has gone. Copy attached.
M. Robbie

9/28/2010 9:34am

We received $6,713.85.   Less $10 incoming wire charge and our 5% ($335.69), the total for you is $6,368.16.   Do you want to come by today to pick up the check?


Total time from the day I sent the 1st email – 14 days. The movie was made in 12 days. As you can see above, the payment should have been made on the first day of principal photography. In other words, they should have paid me on the day the camera and crew and actors started.

I really don't know if they were hiding my money or forgot it. This producer is notorious for "forgetting to pay". Imagine if the Guild wasn't there. I would have to chase them for a year or more. 

The payment above is only a final amount, the full amount was around $38,000 and with union dues, etc, it still was a nice little amount. If it wasn't for them, well... 

what do you think?

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