Friday, June 17, 2016

Hot and hotter

Looks like a wicked hot summer, gonna be up to 108F Monday. Week has ended not too bad, got some interest in some of my work. Also something for those of you who are looking for an agent or producer or whatever.

It's a big market out there and all those film school people are rushing out to find jobs that they were told were waiting for them.

Gonna do some work on the week-end and hope the power doesn't go out in L.A. with 12 million people. Or 8 million... who knows.

Catch my blog on Monday and have a good Father's Day if you still have one. They're not always on your side, but what the hell...  we wouldn't be where we were if it wasn't for them.

Twenty years from now they won't be needed either.

I won't be here either. That's twenty years I mean. I'm here with the Bangles. 

For those who don't know who the Bangles were.

"Just another manic Monday... I wish it were Sunday, that's my fun day."

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