Monday, May 2, 2016

Where I'm at...

  Looks like the book is finally finished, I hope. Createspace, a subsid of Amazon made two errors but it should be okay to release. Hopefully before the end of this week. I think it might do well, at least as far as "do well" in Amazon's eye.

Some people asked me why I didn't get a publisher. They do all the work. Right?

Well, if you're Stephen King or that woman who writes in shades of grey... or is that gray?

I pitched the story to a few publishers, only one responded, saying that travel stories aren't interesting.

A friend of mine got a publisher and arrived at the publisher's office. Once they settled down the publisher asked my friend how he is going to do to sell his book.

The publisher meant my friend. Not him.

My friend said that he thought the publisher would do something too? The publisher said it costs money to try to sell the book. How much can my friend do, or pay the publisher.


So that's why I didn't find a publisher.

However I also see a few ways in which I can make a few dollars. My book is really about the stories of my life as well as the lives of the people I met traveling along those "lonesome highways" that I enjoy so much.

 first got curious about the highway that passed through my small village -- Highway 83. It passed by my school headed sound and I never really went much further than maybe twenty miles. I did know it started in Swan River, a bigger town but I never really knew much more. 
But when I moved to a city, I always remembered that highway and wondered if I would ever find out more about it, I had seen it on the map, it actually touched three countries, Canada, U.S. and Mexico.  Local wealthy people in my town would travel each winter right down to Brownsville.


The opening dedication in my book, "How To Not Get Beat Up In A Small Town Bar", says this:

"To the people you'll meet in this book and my 1968 Mustang, my 1977 Camaro and three

Explorers". BTW my ex-wife Brenda.

So what am I up to?

How about a nice documentary about three countries that touch each other, each being different?

And all I need is some funding. Which I can find in Canada since I was a producer and cameraman of a finalist in the 1976 Academy Awards. You know that category -- short documentary.

But I want more. And I sure could use a 2016 Ford Explorer. The mentions of "Explorer" can be read now and then.

And if not, a Subaru, the "official state suv of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming". That's another story.

So what's the theme of this whole blog.

For one thing, how to find an idea that can be used for more than one thing; after all that's the way all things go now. I can also write a screenplay about 1960's guys hitting the road down south to Mexico on "83".

Ideas.  I think I just got something that might work.

But then, a writer's ideas usually burn out in two days.

More of them Friday.

  Last time I post these covers. Honest.

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