Monday, November 2, 2015

This week

Just thought I'd show you my weekly projects status, the top projects are priority, meaning someone might actually want something I have. This page is renewed every Monday, don't know if you can see it up close, I think so.

I sent my S.O.B. pilot to WGA as they have access to showrunners on the basis of minorities. These being women writers, LBGT writers, handicapped writers and of course, over 55 writers which is ME.

If the showrunners like it, I might get a shot. If not, I still have access to people here anyways.

I've always had this sort of "dream list" for years, I renew every Monday as mentioned and I probably focus most on the top names.

One project is one of my oldest scripts and it got a lot of attention for awhile back in 1990 and then forgotten. And last week a director friend suggested I should put it out again because, as he said, it's relative.

So get ready for BURGER ZOMBIES.

Yes, a 25-year old screenplay that was way before the zombie craze. So, maybe someone will want to "jump on the wagon" with me and get the g-damn thing off and running (as my dad would say.)

Here's a poster we did up.

Whattya think, eh?

Does it work for ya?

Or am I too late for a Z-pic?

Actually I should show you some other pieces of "art". 

And here's my 30th anniversary of Ghostkeeper.

The irony here is that the movie is about five people in an empty hotel in deep snow in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. It's a British distributor who decided on doing his version, complete with south american temples and palm trees.

The real version, actually the 30th anniversary is the normal one. 



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