Monday, October 5, 2015

Catching up

As of today, I have finished my spec and registered it with WGA. It's temp title is South of the Boulevard, which is a common expression for real estate people in the San Fernando Valley, over the hill from Hollywood.

Basically, it's about a guy who dies and leaves his detective agency to his very young wife and his older ex-wife with the catch that if they both work the agency then they'll each get $1 million each from a suspicious insurance policy in his will. Naturally the wives aren't close as friends at all.

My next stage is to create the "bible", which for those of you don't know what it is, it's a presentation of what the show is about. It includes the lead actors, the writers and gives a pretty good presentation of what the show will be about.

Bibles, as they're called are varied, some are a page or two, others are a hundred pages, it all depends on the creator's methods. I finished a 1-page version of the series for now to be able to show it to a few managers and get their take on it.

My bible will probably be around 5 pages at most, unless a manager suggests that it could be longer or less. They are the ones who show the material so I let them figure it out.

At the same time, I'm beginning more work on my travel book, entitled "How Not To Get BeatUp In A Small-Town Bar. 

Long title, huh.

I've written about this book some time ago, it's basically a collection of stories that I encountered on a lot of traveling in the U.S. and Canadian west. There's about twenty stories, all of which are quite different, encountering a lot of interesting people.

My next stage is to work on setting up the book project on Indiegogo, which is a competitor to Kickstarter. These are two of many 'crowd-funding" financing entities. Put simply, I will create a page about my book and open it to anyone who wants to put some money into the project.

This is basically what crowd-funding it. A crowd funds a project. Projects can be books, movies, inventions, almost anything. It works like this; people go to my website (or any website on Indiegogo and they see the page with a video and information how one can put money into the project.

In exchange for $10, for example, a person can get a copy of a print or something else, with the biggest donation would be a copy of the book itself.

That's basically all it takes, quite simple. The money is raised as "donations", and the rewards are photographs, t-shirts, books and a few other things. It's very well constructed and there are a lot of rules.

So that's that.

I'm now also starting a new book, actually a screenplay that some friends suggested I write as a book. That's one advantage for writers, if a screenplay doesn't sell, you can always turn it into a book. That's what I did for Emperor of Mars, which, by the way, had gotten some new interest as a movie once again. You can see the book under Materials.

So that's where I am for now. Anything can change but for now, the crowd-funding project is primarily in the limelight as they say... I'll post some of the sketch work sometime soon.

But anything can change.



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