Monday, June 1, 2015

Back again

Had one hell of a flu-bug or whatever it was, knocked me out for a couple of days wherein I stayed inside everyday. Which is almost impossible in southern California. So I'm just going to catch up slowly this week with some news and some old news.

I'm so over the job I lost a few weeks ago and am moving on, including a new screenplay based on that international incident about a dog being left at a train station by himself, with his toys, some food and a note saying the owner couldn't keep him anymore.

I saw a movie in that immediately when it was splashed on newspapers and TV. In fact I'm sure there's at least a dozen writers who are considering the same idea. So why write it?

Well, this is the breakdown of the writers who "want" to write it. Out of 10, let's say.

1. Two are thinking about it. (Actually a few thousand writers are doing this).

2. One is going to write it next week.

3. Two are writing it.

4. Two have finished it.

5. One is in develoopment

6. One's filming as we talk.

7. One is being released in August. 

So where am I?

I started a beat sheet for the dog last week and have a pretty good outline. However I have to clean up those three Hallmark ideas for my producer Ted. I also have to work out a Kickstarter for my travel book, the one called "How To Not Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar." 

I have a great pencil sketch artist who will draw pencil art at the ends of some of the stories.

So what else?

I'm going to re-do a budget for my Ghostkeeper sequel, of which I will explain either this week-end or next week. I got killed last year with very few people going onto kickstarter so this time I'm going to make it a lot more simple.

However, this is June 1st, and what that means in Southern California is that each day is overcast and doesn't show sun until around late morning. The joke is that everyone in LA has to see their psychiatrist in order to handle the grey sky.

See you Friday... or sooner

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  1. This is a good crowdfunding tutorial so stick with it; she's young but she knows what she's talking about. I found this because I'll be doing one for a stage play later this year: