Monday, March 30, 2015

Beginning to work

As mentioned, I'm finishing off a treatment for a script to be filmed, probably in a few months. I really am throwing myself into this, so much that I won't have a blog today, hopefully I might pull it off by the end of the day but right now my mind, at 8:17 am, all I can think of is this damn treatment. 

Damn treatment?

It's funny how I really want to write a script but once I got the job, I don't want to write it at all. Especially early in the morning. I've already cleaned the kitchen, watered some flowers and made a list of food and disinfectant spray.


And I still have to put up my weekly list of people to call, email or write to. I have to send a book to a French film scholar who's doing an article on Ghostkeeper, the minor cult film I made years ago and still has an audience. And I also have to get a few copies of my screenwriting book and have to arrange to get an artist to do pencil drawings for my travel book, "How Not To Get Beat-Up In A Small-Town Bar." 

Thinking of that, I might post the travel book information. It's a series of short and very short stories of incidents I've encountered on the half-million miles of travel through Canada and the western USA. Over a period of 40 years. It goes from truck stops to Area 51 to Roswell and even Sacagawea's son's grave marker in the middle of nowhere in eastern Oregon.


But even now, as I write that, my little screenplay ghost is whispering, write the damn treatment, you're just making an excuse to not write.

So why do I write something else rather than the treatment?

Because I don't want to write the treatment. And I don't want to write the eventual screenplay either. I want to hit the road to Montana and Colorado and eventually end up in my home town in Manitoba in western Canada. 

So why did I want a job and then get it and complain?

Because I'm a writer. And there's no fun having to write for money, because that means somebody else is behind it. A boss, a producer, an actor... whomever.

And already I am planning to go to REI, the camping/biking/mountain climber stores originally from Seattle. I just got my member dividend of $13.25 and I can't wait to spend it.  

And now I'm looking for something else to keep me from reaching over my beautiful hand-made desk, built by another friend of mine who is a total craftsman. In fact I'm going to use up a few minutes to show you my beautiful desk.

That should take another 5 minutes. Then, I promise myself "enough", get to work. 

I hope.

No more excuses... just one more thing... my desk.

Yeah, that's Jane Fonda just above the speaker phone. She has the "shag haircut popular then. I took that photo at the U of Detroit in 1971.

Okay, okay, I'm sorry. 

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