Friday, January 30, 2015

The theory of Brits

Finally got around to seeing The Theory of Everything and enjoyed it very much. It gets a little slow in the middle but that's pretty common for all movies. I can see why SAG (the actor's guild aka union) gave Eddie Redmayne their award. He also got a Golden Globe award for best actor also. 

And he looks about as close as anyone can with regards to the real guy.

I wonder what Michael Keaton is thinking. He still has a chance but as my director friend says, the Academy favors actors with some kind of disease or disability. I remember Gary Cooper in Pride of The Yankees, for which he got a nomination for playing Lou Gehrig and a great speech when he could no longer play baseball. It's a real tear-jerker, try and see it.

Then there was Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot in 1990. 

So Keaton has some kind of disease or ailment in Birdman, although it's more about actor ego, the "me, me and me" thing.

But there's also The Imitation Game, which has another Brit in it, Benedict Cumberbatch who sort of plays a disability of sorts, more personality than a physical disability.

So what are the odds?

Since Keaton got the attention at the beginning but the two Brits began to take over, and Redmayne looks like the winner.

Who else is there?

Steve Carell who plays a weird guy and it's about wrestling. Who cares?

Bradley Cooper? Again, he's on his best when he's with Jennifer Lawrence. But Americans like heroes.

And what about the ladies?

Who has also won in her category, is Julianne Moore. Guess what she's playing. 

Someone who's in early stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

Told ya.

The others are Marion Cotellard, she's French, Felicity Jones from Theory is a Brit and Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl is just there for after oscar parties. 

It's between Julianne and that person I dislike very much... Reese Witherspoon. So it's a challenge between Alzheimer's and a two thousand mile walk with a backpack that Witherspoon could never carry.

You tell me who will win!

We'll see.

Have a nice week-end. More Monday.

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