Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When Hollywood closes...

Well, not exactly closing, but it's almost impossible to get calls returned unless you really know the person. And the only people worth calling are probably planning their holidays. 

It used to be that the "holidays" were a day or two but now it's a week on either side. Even after January 1, 2015, nobody really does business until after January 5th, whatever that is.

I'm slowing down myself, trying to come up with five good ideas for Hallmark, of which they might pass on all five. But at least it isn't a whole screenplay, just a page. And then I can turn it over to Lifetime, I've done one movie with Lifetime and they were very nice.

2015 has some promise, but as a writer, I never really expect anything. My usual possibilities come around the end of January and stretch till March, then drop dead. But this time I do have the French version of one of my screenplays, and that has a good chance of being filmed in 2015. It's translated into French, of which I know enough not to get into trouble.

So, what to do for the next month?

For me, the five Hallmark ideas to be done at year's end. Nothing will happen with them until the end of the first week of January.

I'm also hoping to publish another book, this one a collection of stories about the road, the people I've met on my travels in the western parts of USA and Canada.

So it's gonna be a slow month for the blog, I'll still blog every week but hopefully have something better than this sorry bit of blogging. 

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