Saturday, August 23, 2014


Agent I know called me to say a producer is looking for movies for Lifetime type genre, in other words, women in jeopardy. I had a few scripts and was a little bit excited, maybe one of them might work.

But by the end of the day, producer was interested in only one, as he was now doing "women in danger", I figured that's also jeopardy but I guess producers can change genres as too what is "hot" lately.

The only thing I know is that old saying from William Goldman, in which he says something like "Nobody knows anything". And my addition is this; "and have one script hiding, waiting to get out".

What I mean is this; and I'm repeating it. One Friday, a studio exec I know called me some years ago to ask if I had anything that was "realistic sci-fi" which translates to sci-fi with no expensive CGI effects. I said I didn't have anything like that but just as I said no, I remembered a new screenplay I wrote about two snipers stalking each other in Central Park. I told him about it.

And guess what?

He asked me to email a copy of the screenplay.

And on Monday, the screenplay was optioned. 

It was made 2 years later.

So much for "what they want". They don't know what they want.

All for now except that Sunday is the 5th anniversary of my blog, it began 2009. More on that Monday.


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