Friday, June 28, 2013

Anonymous no more...

One thing I never really expected is that there are people out there who like to take me down, as they say. It comes and goes when they get tired or I just shut them off. I don't really need to defend myself anymore at this point in my career to someone who doesn't offer their email or name. 

So, I'm deciding to shut off anyone who doesn't use their real email address. Actually it's not that big of a deal, since I rarely get those messages anyway.  But every now and then I muss up someone's attitude and they just have to tell me I'm not as good as I think I am. But they don't tell me who they are or what they do.

This, of course, suggests that they've never seen any of my movies, some are pretty good and some are the ones you do to get paid, every writer has a few of those, at least every writer who has real credits. 

One issue is self-publishing, to which Anonymous felt was second class. Actually the book is published through Amazon and Createspace and myself. There was a time when self-publishing was about wacko guys in the woods writing a book on their paranoid rantings or some people who have receipes for bbq and so on.

But now "self-publishing" is pretty big. Stephen King self-published on Amazon and Penny Marshall among others. In fact the publishing industry is quite scared of losing famous authors and others as Amazon takes over. They even have a movie site wherein a writer can enter their screenplay at no cost for evaluation and even a complete storyboard.

So Anonymous -- go play with your iphone or even better write something that Aaron Sorkin will hire you for. Then email me back, I'll give you some notes.

btw if you don't know how to write, get my book. eh?

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