Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekender: The book... aghhhhhh!!

I'm having a problem with the Amazon book publishers and it seems to revolve around a technical issue with the screenplay pages. My book is a combination of text and screenplay pages. For some reason, the latest effort of the publisher had dark screenplay pages and light screenplay pages.

Obviously I can't put the book out looking like that. Trouble is they say it's my fault, but I know it isn't because they changed their format. So I call them and they have a look and say I have to scan the pages higher.

Well, I scanned the pages at 600dpi which is really high and their standards are 300dpi. So I ask what's the use of scanning since I have already scanned higher than their basic standard. And on and on...

And for now the book is stalled. 

My choices are to go to another publisher who can do the job. Ironically the first book proof they sent me was perfect. There were a few typos which we changed and sent back. They said it isn't consistent and the battle goes on.

But on another front I'm starting to write a new screenplay which I think will be not bad. All I can say it's about a U.S. President 5 years from now. Can't say anymore as the idea is actually pretty good.

Have a good week-end, it's gonna be 91F here today and by 6pm will go down to 76F. Weird weather. 

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