Monday, February 4, 2013

The book again...

This week the screenwriting book is making my life hectic and divided. Getting advice from several graphic designers, and different takes on it. I have to get it done by week-end and am trying to fill in the holes.

That's where you come in.

I'm posting the cover, still needs work and lots of holes and places that need re-designing. Have a look at it and send a comment or suggestion, good or bad. Be honest.


Some of the lettering on cover needs to be lowered. Text on back is too hard to read, suggesting white on black.  

Let me know


  1. Here we go.
    I like it but agree with you. JIM MAKICHUK and the writing above it needs to come down so the small text is against the black.
    The title needs to come down too but that's not as important as the bottom bit - maybe 'THE' needs to be on a line by itself; again, only thinking aloud.
    The writing on the back needs to be narrower - so bring that in as long as you can fit it in; if not reduce the font.
    And finally - these 2 colours are the worst to read on the internet or on a computer screen. Suggest changing all the text to white; maybe with a red outline achieved by doing the red in 15 and the white in 14 - or maybe just white.
    Overall it looks good though so good luck with it.

  2. Writing on back will be white rather than red. Red front cover will remain, at least more than half of screenwriting books have red titles ad Lynch, who was graphic artist agrees as do three others. Also do some cleaning up here and there.

    Btw special prices for members in the blog.

  3. Yes that's okay but black and red usually means horror. Always beware of experts - they rejected the Volkswagen Beetle and Decca rejected The (real) Beatles!! Good luck with it and - how much of special price?