Friday, September 14, 2012

Guess who's back?

I'm normally an easy-going movie fan but this week-end there's a movie I won't miss. It's non other than Milla Jovovich in yet another Resident Evil movie. It's the 5th version based on the video game Resident Evil.

I just can't help myself, Milla just really knows action movies and even though the movies never really make sense, she can hold the screen. Not in all her movies, but somehow and for some reason, she really makes this franchise work.

And of course it helps that she's Ukrainian, just like me and I guess there's a feeling of pride that "one of us" made the big time. 

There's a lot of woman super heroes but Milla just does it better. A cameraman I know shot one of her Resident Evil movies and said she's quite incredible in terms of physical action. For a small, thin woman she can carry it through. 

He said that while she has a stunt woman for some of her stunts but even then, the stunt woman can't match Milla's energy and often, Milla's stunts are better. She just has that "thing" I guess. 

Garbo had the look, Nicholson had that smile,  Marilyn had that sadness, Bogart had... well.. Bogart. 

And give Milla a sword and a gun and watch her cut a swathe through zombies and whomever. And step out of it just as easy as she might step out of a limo.

Did I say this one's 3-D?

Her husband directs the films and never has a preview as critics mostly blast it yet it pulls in a ton of money, especially overseas.

Okay, I'm not expecting great things, but will sit there with the other Milla fans most likely a 3rd of my age, but hey, we all gotta have heroes. Eh?

Besides it's 104F in the valley today, 107F (feels like).

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