Monday, June 11, 2012


Finally back again, trying to put the pieces all together. The Emperor of Mars book-signing was great for the ego but little for the bank account. In fact I spent more than I made. But the sales and the fact that it was in the top 5 that week can  help getting other bookstore interest.

It's also one step closer to get EOM getting made in 2013 which is my goal. Oddly enough this goal was originally intended for Travel Day, a screenplay I wrote and would produce for Shirley Petchprapa. For those who never followed this project, you might go back to the beginning 3 years ago when the blog began.

3 years!

The average blog lasts less than a year before it thins out of new stories. Since my stories go back to my childhood and still remain relative is probably due to the fact that I was a writer since I was 8 years old. Many, many decades ago.

But moving forward my plans for now are this; write my screenwriting book based on my UCLA lectures, re-do the budget for Ghostkeeper working on a Canon 5D schedule which John Holbrook feels can be used to make a good movie. John shot the original GKPR and is probably one of the best DP's in Canada.

John has that unexplainable gift of images, he senses what's right or wrong in the frame and makes it a real movie look. And in Canada that's not always the case. And if you think I don't know what I'm talking about, believe me, I do. I shot film for years and even won an award for cinematography for a short directed by my talented friend Phil Borsos.

And I think I'm an average shooter.

Re-doing the budget on MM Budgeting software is relatively easy, it just takes time. We're looking at a possible shoot in November, at Deer Lodge again. This, of course is a sequel, not a remake.

Several people have suggested a remake but as I've said before, I've done that movie. I could never improve on it because it was a different time with different methods of filming and my first feature, which makes it undo-able for me. I couldn't recapture that spirit and tone again.

I would rather take my actors into now, older and maybe wiser and with the considerations I got from the dozens of reviews, as you know, good, bad and indifferent. I don't want to recapture Ghostkeeper 1, rather I want to fulfill it with what it deserves.

By making GKPR this winter, it would be a great lead to Emperor of Mars in fall of 2013, again with John and I. 

So now it begins again, another shot at trying to make another movie. 

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